Approach Founders

Ali stems from Yorkshire, nothing fancy, straight to the point, liking the simple things in life. She can give most of the boys a run for their money when racing, but her modesty and hard work ethic means she won't shout about it. She’s loyal, honest and has an infectious sense of adventure, convincing anyone to take on the most ridiculous of ideas.

Ali Wilson
Liz McDougall

Liz, the rationale thinker, grew up by the sea, and spent most of her childhood in the water. As a consequence she's pretty unsteady on her feet and spends most of her trail runs sliding around in the mud. She is a determined soul who loves an adventure, giving 100% to the cause, especially if it involves ab exercises.

"We have a combined love of tea, new experiences and seeing the world; and that's where everything seems to come together."

Approach Life

Liz and Ali: just two normal people (physio’s by trade) who like exploring the great things New Zealand has to offer. We are the by-products of salty seas, ultra runs, summer days on the hills and winters in the dales. Lovers of adventures and seekers of new experiences.

Originally from England where we thought it began, to a life in New Zealand, where it really began, with adventures around every corner…if you look hard enough.


Moving to New Zealand and spending time with like-minded people, has given us the opportunity to explore the

amazing landscape,  inspiring us to seek out more and more each weekend. It's easy to take the beauty of your

surroundings for granted, and as such we want to relive and retrace our footsteps along the line. This led us to

the humble beginnings of Approach; our Approach to Life. A way to remember the cool breeze on your face,

the wet mud between your toes and the beauty of the sunrise. Each adventure and experience having its own


We want to showcase the outdoors, the healthy lifestyle, the respectful and humble way of life, and the normal

day to day beauty that can be found around every corner. Keeping those adventures alive, taking photos as a

hope to relive a memory once passed; not just helping to remember what happened last weekend, but

allowing an opportunity to share and reminisce.

Just two grounded people providing an insight into what we have found out there so far. We hope to make you think

about your Approach to Life; sharing our adventures along the way and bringing the adventure home.