Approach Beginnings

Approach started off as a silly idea over a couple of low carb beers, myself getting carried away whilst Liz being the rational filter system. I’m one of those people who daydream, thinking of lots of ‘out there’ things to do, half the time out of my budget or skill set and most of the time just passing me by. So, I took a pause, tried some mindfulness (it didn't work for me, I fell asleep...I’m still trying though) and thought, just bloody do it, what's the worst that can happen. I changed my approach and started to think about what I really wanted to achieve and do in life. A bit of a cliché, but it’s true. Just stop and think.

The true beginnings of Approach started when we first landed in New Zealand (NZ). We were on the hunt for cool trails and places to explore, with only a couple of websites providing snippets of the information we were looking for. We wanted to discover the true New Zealand, not just line up behind people with selfie sticks and sun umbrellas doing all the ‘famous’ walks advertised.

So back to basics it was: topo map, compass and off we go...

Whilst tramping through thick bush or climbing up a mountain, another idea came to us: why not share our adventures with people? Why not showcase the best of New Zealand, the parts of New Zealand you may not find already published, the ideas and the inspiration to just get out there and go have a look for yourself?

Here we are, putting these ideas into play. Yip, we’re nervous and shy about it. We fear we’ll be ‘laughed out the water’ for this idea. But, worse case scenario, we have a pretty sweet record of our time spent doing what we love… So here we go.

Oh wait… I didn’t tell you about that other daft idea, the one which really kicked off Approach...

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